Faced with tight budget conditions, rising numbers of enrollees in Medicaid and growing costs, Texas legislators have introduced legislation that will cut the cost of Medicaid and reduce access to quality care. Today, Dr. Ray Perryman has released his executive summary focused on the economic implications of the proposed legislation.

Perryman’s study lays out three scenarios based on various cost-reduction proposals. Each scenario shows that a large numbers of community-based pharmacies will be forced to close. Consequently, this will lead to decreased quality of and access to service for not only Medicaid patients but all patients.

In the worst case scenario, Perryman’s findings reveal that the Texas could be subject to $4.7 billion in reduced output and over 64,000 permanent jobs lost. Perryman points, “While it is easy to claim superficial efficiencies now, our analysis indicates that this proposal will ultimately hurt patients, taxpayers, community pharmacies and, ultimately, the economy of Texas.”

To hear more from Perryman and his projections for the state of Texas, check out this video.