Yet another county in Florida is deciding whether or not to join the Florida Association of Counties lawsuit against the state, which challenges a bill recently passed by the stae legislature that requires counties to pay old, and possibly inaccurate Medicaid bills. In a letter to Florida’s state legislature, Flagler County Adminstrator Craig Coffey points out that the county’s $160,000 worth of back bills “was primarily from disputed bills that had wrong addresses and other incorrect information.”

State House members two weeks ago approved a bill previously approved by the Senate that will have an estimated statewide fiscal impact for 2012-’13 of $70.5 million, according to the Florida Association of Counties. “It’s disappointing that this gets passed when 67 counties are opposing it,” Holland said. “This is going to have a huge impact on our county.” The bill mandates that every county pay bills that are old, and possibly inaccurate, Administrator Craig Coffey told commissioners in March.

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