We have come to rely heavily on our community pharmacies to fill our prescriptions or grab some cold medicine, but the role of today’s pharmacy goes way beyond that. Many community pharmacies now offer a variety health products and services that help to deliver quality health care to people of all income levels and at all stages of life. One example where that is very evident is Sal’s Pharmacy in Berkely, CA, where a pharmacy shows us how community roots make for a great community pharmacy.

The Berkely Patch reports that Sal’s pharmacy is a staple in its community for all the reasons that we’ve come to rely on our local community pharmacies and then some. First of all the “Sal” behind Sal’s Pharmacy in a neighborhood staple who’s well-loved by many members of the community. He’s worked in local pharmacies, both large and small, through the years, but he describes how his pharmacy is different: “I know the customers, I know the families.”

Sal’s is a full-service pharmacy, but what also sets this pharmacy apart is the fact that it sells a selection of loose organic herbs and teas, boasts a piano that the owner’s daughter likes to play when things are slow and displays art from local artists hanging on its walls.