About Us

Who We Are

Pharmacy Choice and Access Now (PCAN) is a coalition of consumers, local business and pharmacists across the nation committed to preserving quality and affordable health care and pharmacy services for patients. We are committed to providing the most cost effective solutions in the areas of health care and pharmacy services to enable states around the country to help solve their budget woes while maintaining quality care for children, families and other Medicaid-served populations.

Mission Statement

The mission of PCAN is to provide a voice to patients, health care providers and pharmacists around the country to preserve quality and affordable health care and pharmacy services while offering smart approaches to curtailing rising healthcare costs.

Our Perspective

Across the country, states are looking to cut Medicaid to close budget gaps, but Medicaid is not the solution to their budget shortfalls. Poorly conceived Medicaid cuts proposed by state governments reduce patients’ provider choices and limit their access to essential prescriptions and other services. PCAN works with local and state organizations across the country to protect your access to these essential services and to preserve your ability to select the community pharmacy of your choosing.


We believe that competition to provide services on an open access basis must be the driving force as we undertake reform of state Medicaid programs in order to drive down costs, improve efficiency of service delivery, and to produce the highest quality health outcomes for Medicaid patients.

We support initiatives that allow for maximum competition in the delivery of health and pharmacy services, and we oppose any efforts that hinder such competition in Medicaid.


We believe that cost savings to Medicaid programs can be achieved without hindering Medicaid patients’ access to convenient and trusted healthcare providers and without damaging the quality of services provided through Medicaid. We support cost-saving initiatives that maintain access and quality of Medicaid services. We are opposed to ill-conceived change to Medicaid that will not have meaningful and sustainable impacts on Medicaid costs.