Legislative Action Is Needed to Expand Access to Life-Saving Vaccines in Pennsylvania

Nationwide, immunizations have helped to prevent “an estimated 14 million cases of illness and 33,000 deaths” from vaccine-preventable diseases. Although the value of vaccines in preventing disease has been proven time and again, in order for vaccines to offer the greatest protection, it’s critical for everyone to... [continue reading]

A standard orange prescription bottle full of yellow pills. The information on the label has been covered. A few pills sit outside the bottle, at its base.

Requiring California’s Pharmacies to Translate Drug Labels Runs Counter to Patient Care

In California, home to a diverse population, pharmacies are currently required by the state’s board of pharmacy to “provide an interpreter for non-English speakers free of charge, either in person or by phone” to help ensure that individuals take their medications properly. Limited-English speakers also have access... [continue reading]


The Measles Vaccine Is a Simple, Safe, and Effective Means to Protect Individuals Against a Potentially Fatal Disease

A decade ago, measles – a potentially fatal, vaccine-preventable infectious disease – was practically eradicated in the United States thanks to high vaccination rates. Sadly, today measles is making a comeback as countless parents continue to either “refuse or delay selected vaccines, including the one for measles.”... [continue reading]


California’s Senate Urged to Protect Patient Choice; Allow Patients to Opt-Out of Mail-Order Prescription Programs

For individuals with chronic diseases, from high blood pressure to diabetes to HIV/AIDS, their relationship with a pharmacist is oftentimes essential to their ability to successfully manage their condition for the long-term. In fact, studies have shown that chronically ill patients “experience improved clinical outcomes when they... [continue reading]

American pharmacist serving  senior man in pharmacy

Bipartisan Cooperation in Colorado Yields Legislation Benefiting Patients & the Pharmacies they Rely On

Recognizing the importance of community pharmacies to the health of Colorado’s residents and to the state’s economy, State Senator Larry Crowder (R-Alamosa) and State Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp (D-Arvada) have teamed up to pass legislation that will “benefit patients and the pharmacies they rely on for prescriptions and... [continue reading]