How prescription-drug middlemen make their money

USA Today – The path of prescription drugs from the factory to the patient is complicated. Here, Julie Appleby of Kaiser Health News explains how money flows through the system and contributes to the cost of a 30-day supply of a hypothetical brand-name medicine. [continue reading]


Drugmakers Point Finger at Middlemen for Rising Drug Prices

Pharmacy-benefit managers and the rebates they command come in for criticism by pharmaceutical executives Wall Street Journal – As U.S. drug prices rise, drugmakers are playing down their role, instead heaping blame on the middlemen who help determine how medicines are priced. Some of the sharpest criticism has... [continue reading]


Pending Medicaid policy change could impact Mom and Pop pharmacies

CANTONMENT, Fla. (WEARTV – ABC3) — Many family pharmacists are outraged and worried over a pending change in Medicaid policy. Molina Healthcare, one of the two Medicaid HMO providers in the area, will no longer cover prescriptions from several independent northwest Florida pharmacies in their new network... [continue reading]

Florida pharmacy survey

pcan-003-banner-rev1 (1) [continue reading]


Letter: Support expanding health care to rural Iowa

The Cedar Rapids Gazette – By Brandon Gerleman As a third-year pharmacy student, I see the need for accessibility to quality health care services in Iowa. Many Iowans live in rural and underserved areas too far from quality health care. Roughly 44 percent of Iowans fall into... [continue reading]