Get To Know Your Pharmacist & Your Medication During Pharmacy Week

In Texas, there are over 22,000 licensed pharmacists who provide individuals and their families with an array of health care services. As the most readily available and accessible health care professional in many communities, pharmacists not only play an important role in the delivery of care, but... [continue reading]


It’s Pharmacy Week! Thank A Pharmacist For Their Role in Keeping Patients Healthy

Pharmacists do a great deal to improve the health and wellbeing of millions of Americans. As experts in medicine, pharmacists work with doctors to ensure that the medications prescribed best meet the patient’s needs; they help manage a variety of health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease;... [continue reading]


Support HB 394 for a Healthier Ohio

Take action now and sign the petition calling on our elected officials to pass HB 394 for a healthier Ohio. I, the undersigned, a concerned citizen and registered voter in the state of Ohio, request your support for the swift consideration and passage of H.B. 394 by... [continue reading]


Pharmacists Are Ready & Available to Assist With Your Health Care Needs

Offering a wealth of medical knowledge, America’s pharmacists are well poised to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and their families nationwide. Serving as the link between patients and their physicians, pharmacists do much more than simply fill prescriptions. In addition to checking for possible mistakes... [continue reading]


Local Pharmacies, Drug Stores Becoming the Go-To Place to Meet America’s Health Care Needs

In recent years, pharmacists nationwide have been expanding their role in the delivery of health care. From filling prescriptions to conducting general health screenings to administering vaccines, community pharmacies are critical for fulfilling a wide array of health care-related needs. By offering customers an “opportunity to improve... [continue reading]