Requiring Pharmacists to Translate Labels on Prescription Drug Bottles Could Have Serious Consequences

Recently, California’s Board of Pharmacy postponed discussions on “new regulations that would require all pharmacies in the state to provide translated labels on prescription drug bottles.” While some believe this requirement will help to ensure that patients who speak little or no English take their medications as... [continue reading]


It’s Time to Recognize Pharmacists As Health Care Providers Under Federal Law

As one of the most accessible professional health care providers, pharmacists play an integral role in the health of millions of American’s nationwide, especially for those individuals residing in medically underserved communities. Yet despite their extensive track record of improving health, enhancing patient satisfaction, and reducing health... [continue reading]


Legislative Action Is Needed to Expand Access to Life-Saving Vaccines in Pennsylvania

Nationwide, immunizations have helped to prevent “an estimated 14 million cases of illness and 33,000 deaths” from vaccine-preventable diseases. Although the value of vaccines in preventing disease has been proven time and again, in order for vaccines to offer the greatest protection, it’s critical for everyone to... [continue reading]

A standard orange prescription bottle full of yellow pills. The information on the label has been covered. A few pills sit outside the bottle, at its base.

Requiring California’s Pharmacies to Translate Drug Labels Runs Counter to Patient Care

In California, home to a diverse population, pharmacies are currently required by the state’s board of pharmacy to “provide an interpreter for non-English speakers free of charge, either in person or by phone” to help ensure that individuals take their medications properly. Limited-English speakers also have access... [continue reading]


The Measles Vaccine Is a Simple, Safe, and Effective Means to Protect Individuals Against a Potentially Fatal Disease

A decade ago, measles – a potentially fatal, vaccine-preventable infectious disease – was practically eradicated in the United States thanks to high vaccination rates. Sadly, today measles is making a comeback as countless parents continue to either “refuse or delay selected vaccines, including the one for measles.”... [continue reading]