Don’t Let Pharmacy Benefit Managers Reduce Patient Access to Pharmacy Care

This past spring, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed into law bipartisan legislation, H.F. 2297, that provides the state’s Insurance Commissioner with greater authority to oversee pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and to ensure that their practices don’t result in the closure of more community pharmacies in rural and... [continue reading]


Increasing Access Is Key to Improving Vaccination Rates in Ohio

Dr. Teresa C. Long, Health Commissioner for the City of Columbus, notes that improving vaccination rates in Ohio doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, legislation introduced late last year – HB 394 – could help achieve this by allowing pharmacists to administer all CDC-recommended vaccines to... [continue reading]


It’s Time to Expand Pharmacist-Provided Vaccines in Florida

It’s simple: children, teenagers, adults, and seniors all need vaccinations at various stages throughout their lives; yet convenient access can oftentimes pose a barrier to individuals receiving these vaccinations in a timely manner – if they get them at all. In Florida, State Representative Dr. Cary Pigman,... [continue reading]


Community Pharmacists Are Well Poised to Improve Medication Adherence Nationwide

The cost of medication non-adherence is staggering, estimated at between $100 billion and $289 billion. In the coming years, the rate of medication non-adherence is expected to rise as the number of Americans with a chronic disease, that requires at least one medication, continues to grow. In... [continue reading]


Americans Increasingly Taking Advantage of Pharmacy Services Available at Retail Clinics

Nationwide, retail health care clinics provide an ever-expanding variety of readily available services that are less costly compared to urgent care centers and physicians’ offices and that offer comparable quality of care. Additionally, many Americans are increasingly taking advantage of the pharmacy services available at these retail... [continue reading]