Mail Order Mandates


Mandatory Mail Order Pharmacy Threatens Existence of Local, Family-Owned Pharmacies

For family pharmacy owners Bob and Marion Bradley, news of a fellow pharmacist closing his doors serves as a reminder of the challenges many local neighborhood drug stores must face in order to keep their doors open and serve the patients they personally know and genuinely care... [continue reading]


Pilot Program Pushes Mail Order Prescriptions, Limits Access to Neighborhood Pharmacies

Under a new pilot program, military beneficiaries who are age 65 and older and who have chronic health conditions will be required to have their maintenance drug prescriptions filled by mail order versus by their local neighborhood pharmacy. The pilot program, TRICARE for Life (TFL) Home Delivery,... [continue reading]

American pharmacist serving  senior man in pharmacy

Seeing Your Local Pharmacist May Soon Become the Exception for Many Patients

As one of the most accessible health care providers, many would agree that the increasing role pharmacists play in guiding patients and promoting good health is a good thing. Unfortunately, many of benefits provided by local community pharmacists may become a thing of the past as insurance... [continue reading]


PBMs Fail to Protect Customers and Pharmacy Competition

Voicing concerns over how the 2012 merger of Express Scripts Inc. and Medco “has led to painful consequences for patients and independent pharmacists across the country,” during a House Committee on the Judiciary hearing last week, Representative Doug Collins (R-GA) stated that the process “did not sufficiently... [continue reading]


Satisfaction Gap Widening Between Mail Order and Brick and Mortar Pharmacies

According to a new report from JD Power and Associates, the customer satisfaction gap keeps getting wider between brick and mortar pharmacies and their mail-order counterparts as customer satisfaction with local community pharmacies continues to rise. According to the report, customer satisfaction with community pharmacies is up... [continue reading]