Managed Care Bureaucracy


Pilot Program Pushes Mail Order Prescriptions, Limits Access to Neighborhood Pharmacies

Under a new pilot program, military beneficiaries who are age 65 and older and who have chronic health conditions will be required to have their maintenance drug prescriptions filled by mail order versus by their local neighborhood pharmacy. The pilot program, TRICARE for Life (TFL) Home Delivery,... [continue reading]


Implementing A “Managed Care” Model in Oklahoma Would Make Finding a Health Care Provider Even More Difficult

In Oklahoma, which ranks 43rd nationally in doctors per capita, finding a health care provider is no easy task – particularly for those residing in rural areas. Unfortunately, this difficult task could become nearly impossible should the state move its Medicaid system into a more “managed care”... [continue reading]


Independent Community Pharmacies Ensure Patients have Access to Medications during Health Insurance Plan Changes

The start of a new year, coupled with the advent of the new health plans available under the Affordable Care Act, has independent community pharmacies nationwide especially busy as they help “patients sort through new or revised health insurance.” These pharmacies are also busy taking great care... [continue reading]

Pharmacist Pouring Pills into Bottle

Allowing Patients to Choose the Pharmacy that Best Meets Their Health Care Needs

Following an earlier study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) this year, which found that “prescriptions filled at ‘preferred pharmacies’ sometimes result in higher costs to Medicare than prescriptions filled at non-preferred pharmacies,” including independent community pharmacies, a new analysis by CMS... [continue reading]

Alabama State Capitol

Find Cost Savings without Cutting Off Access To Local Pharmacies

In a letter to, Randall Shedd, director of the Cullman County Commission on Aging explains the need to preserve access to local pharmacies, and urges legislators to find cost savings without cutting off access for patients: “Trudging through the daily routine of taking tests, opening prescription... [continue reading]