Student Pharmacists in California Help Seniors Navigate their Medicare Plans

For many seniors, the annual process of reviewing and updating their Medicare plans can be both confusing and challenging. To help seniors navigate their health plans, a series of free clinics staffed with student pharmacists is being held throughout Northern California this fall to help Medicare beneficiaries... [continue reading]


It’s Time to Recognize Pharmacists As Health Care Providers Under Federal Law

As one of the most accessible professional health care providers, pharmacists play an integral role in the health of millions of American’s nationwide, especially for those individuals residing in medically underserved communities. Yet despite their extensive track record of improving health, enhancing patient satisfaction, and reducing health... [continue reading]


Concerns Rise Amid Cuts to Medicaid Provider Rates in Oklahoma

Despite receiving nearly the same amount of money from the state as it did during the last fiscal year, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority board recently voted to cut Medicaid provider rates by almost eight percent. While this decision is expected to save the state an estimated... [continue reading]


California Courts Reject Pharmacies’ Appeal on Medi-Cal Drug Reimbursement Rates

For pharmacists serving low-income patients in California, dispensing prescriptions to those enrolled in managed care plans as part of the state’s Medicaid program has become more of a challenge, particularly with the reimbursement rates too often being less than the actual cost of medication. Although pharmacies in... [continue reading]


Legislation in Washington State Improves Quality of Care Medicaid Recipients Receive

Beginning next year in Washington state, Medicaid patients with multiple chronic conditions will benefit from new legislation that improves coverage in order to help them with their “chronic disease state management.” The law, which goes into effect January 1, 2015, will not only improve the quality of... [continue reading]