A standard orange prescription bottle full of yellow pills. The information on the label has been covered. A few pills sit outside the bottle, at its base.

Community Pharmacists Continue to Struggle with Below-Cost Reimbursements for Generic Drugs

For Hashim Zaibak of Hayat Pharmacy in Brookfield, Wisconsin, “There isn’t a single day in the pharmacy where we don’t dispense a prescription in which the reimbursement is below cost.” Unfortunately, many community pharmacists nationwide are in the same situation of paying more for generic medications than... [continue reading]


Proposed Legislation in Florida Will Help Community Pharmacies Stay in Business; Care for Patients

Image trying to run a business without knowing how much you will be paid for your products or services in advance? Sadly, this is an all-too-common scenario for community pharmacies nationwide, including for Polycarp Agbara, owner of Eagle Lake Pharmacy in Lakeland, FL. However, proposed legislation in... [continue reading]


Pharmacists Can Help Improve Adult Vaccine Rates in the United States

Did you know that as an adult, it’s important for you to receive regular vaccines, too? In the United States, a renewed effort is underway to both educate adults on the need to keep their vaccinations current and to increase the number of adults who are vaccinated... [continue reading]

Boy In Hospital Gown About To Get An Injection

Public Health & Financial Strain of Measles is Significant in Illinois

Protecting yourself and your family against the measles, a potentially fatal and infectious disease, can be easily achieved with the proper vaccinations. Unfortunately, as more parents either refuse or delay selected vaccines, including the one for measles, deadly diseases like these are making a comeback. In addition... [continue reading]


States Must Take Care Not To Impede Savings from Biosimilars

Earlier this month, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first biosimilar medication for sale in the United States, and others are in the pipeline. A top executive at CVS Health Corp told Reuters he expects the imminent arrival of biosimilar medications to reduce the price... [continue reading]