American pharmacist serving  senior man in pharmacy

Recognizing Pharmacists As Health Care Providers Will Further Improve Patient Health

Performing a number of patient-centered services that “go well beyond their traditional roles, including medication coordination, medication therapy management (MTM), chronic disease management, and patient education,” today many patients rely on their local community pharmacist to fulfill a wide array of health care-related needs. Yet despite their... [continue reading]


Improve Health Care Delivery Nationwide by Expanding Pharmacists’ Role

With an extensive track record of improving health, enhancing patient satisfaction, and reducing health care costs, pharmacists play an integral role in the health of millions of American’s nationwide. Recognizing that pharmacist’s roles are rapidly evolving to include “providing direct care to patients as part of an... [continue reading]


Community Pharmacy Residencies Help New Practitioners Grow as Providers and as Professionals

The role of a pharmacist is continually evolving as they become more integral to ensuring the health and well-being of millions of Americans nationwide. To help prepare pharmacy school graduates to reach their full potential as a pharmacist, a variety of one-year residency programs and other postgraduate... [continue reading]

A standard orange prescription bottle full of yellow pills. The information on the label has been covered. A few pills sit outside the bottle, at its base.

Pharmacists Question How to Ensure Accuracy of Translated Prescription Labels

In California, the State Board of Pharmacy is considering a proposal that would require pharmacies to provide translated labels on prescription drug bottles. While on the surface this requirement might be considered a good thing, the reality is that pharmacists would be required to dispense medications in... [continue reading]


Greater Transparency for Pharmacy Benefit Managers Recommended by Federal Advisory Council

The role of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) is to help lower drug costs for consumers, health plan sponsors and payers – including government programs. Unfortunately, the lack of transparency in their pricing methods and compensation received (such as pharmaceutical manufacturer rebates) makes it difficult to verify whether... [continue reading]