Drugmakers Point Finger at Middlemen for Rising Drug Prices

Pharmacy-benefit managers and the rebates they command come in for criticism by pharmaceutical executives Wall Street Journal – As U.S. drug prices rise, drugmakers are playing down their role, instead heaping blame on the middlemen who help determine how medicines are priced. Some of the sharpest criticism has come from drug-industry executives who have been grilled […]

Community Pharmacists Continue to Struggle with Below-Cost Reimbursements for Generic Drugs

For Hashim Zaibak of Hayat Pharmacy in Brookfield, Wisconsin, “There isn’t a single day in the pharmacy where we don’t dispense a prescription in which the reimbursement is below cost.” Unfortunately, many community pharmacists nationwide are in the same situation of paying more for generic medications than they are being reimbursed. In the wake of […]

Proposed Legislation in Florida Will Help Community Pharmacies Stay in Business; Care for Patients

Image trying to run a business without knowing how much you will be paid for your products or services in advance? Sadly, this is an all-too-common scenario for community pharmacies nationwide, including for Polycarp Agbara, owner of Eagle Lake Pharmacy in Lakeland, FL. However, proposed legislation in Florida could change this by requiring pharmacy benefit […]

Relationships between Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Pharmaceutical Companies Face Greater Scrutiny

The business practices of some pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), including their relationships with pharmaceutical companies, have long been a concern for advocacy groups and federal and state authorities are now taking a closer look. According to news reports, Express Scripts Holding Co. (the nation’s largest PBM), currently faces three subpoenas “over its relationships with several […]

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