Pharmacy Benefit Managers


Independent Community Pharmacists Seek Fairness, Transparency in Reimbursement Rates

Due largely to the distortion of the reimbursement system for generic prescription medications by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), independent communities pharmacies in Missouri are struggling to keep their doors open as they continue to fill prescriptions at a loss for their customers. To increase both fairness and... [continue reading]

PCAN FL PBM Audit Legislation 2

Coalition Supports Legislation to Protect Auditing Practices for Florida Pharmacies – SB 702 and HB 745

Contact: Carrie Thompson-Patrick, 850-570-5354 | Franco Ripple, 352-219-6029 Coalition Supports Legislation to Protect Auditing Practices for Florida Pharmacies – SB 702 and HB 745 Tallahassee, Fla. – Pharmacy Choice and Access Now (PCAN) – a coalition of consumers, local businesses and pharmacists across the nation committed to... [continue reading]


New Legislation Seeks to Set Standards for Pharmacy Audits so Pharmacist are Treated Fair

For years, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have relied on the lack of state and federal regulations to profit at the expense of pharmacies and their patients by “incorrectly red-flagging legitimate prescriptions” as they perform audits meant to prevent and address bad practices. Yet these abusive practices could... [continue reading]


Oversight for Pharmacy Benefit Managers is Needed to Ensure Access to Care for Rural Iowans

For Iowans living in larger cities like Des Moines or Cedar Rapids, access to health care is readily available. But what about for those residing in more rural areas, where physicians, nurses, and even local independent pharmacies are more scarce? Despite the closure of over three dozen... [continue reading]

Pharmacist and Patient

Regulations Are Needed to Keep Pharmacy Benefit Managers Honest

Nationwide, many small businesses – including local community pharmacies – must adhere to an array of both state and federal regulations. For local community pharmacies in particular, which are regulated in areas such as patient health, safety, and privacy, there is a growing frustration among pharmacy owners... [continue reading]