Pharmacists Critical to Providing Access to Care for Residents in Rural or Inner-City Locations

For millions of American’s residing in health provider shortage areas, oftentimes pharmacists are of “critical importance in preventative care, serving as their nearest health care professional and provider.” This includes administering a number of vaccines, such as the flu shot, that are available without a prescription. Earlier... [continue reading]


Staying Healthy as the End of Peak Flu Season Nears

Typically beginning around October and peaking in January and February, this year’s flu season has been particularly harsh. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 percent of the population is infected with the flu every year and of those infected, more than 200,000... [continue reading]


North Texas Pharmacies Prepare for Flu Epidemic

In the midst of a flu epidemic, pharmacies in North Texas are stocking up on vaccines as health leaders encourage residents to get their flu shots. According to Dallas pharmacist Emelda Azu-Irondi, “we got a heads up on the issues that were going on with the flu... [continue reading]


Number of Flu Cases on the Rise in Florida; Health Experts Urge Residents to Get Vaccinated

In Florida, flu season is in full swing and has claimed the lives of over a dozen residents since October. Yet despite a “relatively mild” season in terms of the number of people infected, the number of reported cases is trending upward, which according to local health... [continue reading]


Colorado Health Officials Urge Residents to Make Sure Their Pertussis Vaccinations are Up-To-Date

Nationwide, the whooping cough epidemic that began last year is continuing to surge, particularly in states such as Colorado, which had 1,183 confirmed cases of pertussis as of November 16th. As a “bacteria-born disease that starts with cold-like symptoms,” pertussis progresses to “violent, rapid coughing that sucks... [continue reading]