Pharmacists Can Help Improve Adult Vaccine Rates in the United States

Did you know that as an adult, it’s important for you to receive regular vaccines, too? In the United States, a renewed effort is underway to both educate adults on the need to keep their vaccinations current and to increase the number of adults who are vaccinated... [continue reading]

Boy In Hospital Gown About To Get An Injection

Public Health & Financial Strain of Measles is Significant in Illinois

Protecting yourself and your family against the measles, a potentially fatal and infectious disease, can be easily achieved with the proper vaccinations. Unfortunately, as more parents either refuse or delay selected vaccines, including the one for measles, deadly diseases like these are making a comeback. In addition... [continue reading]


Staying Healthy as the End of Peak Flu Season Nears

Typically beginning around October and peaking in January and February, this year’s flu season has been particularly harsh. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 percent of the population is infected with the flu every year and of those infected, more than 200,000... [continue reading]