The use of opioids is widely spread.

In the US over 20% of the population is using it for non-medical reasons.

Even NPR thinks it’s a national issue.

And this figure is only for the documented cases.

In reality, it could be worse than it seems on the face of it.

The True Story of Addiction

Well, the story of addiction does not end well.

It does not matter the kind of substance you are hooked up to; you are in for a rough ride.

If you are wondering on how to overcome opioid addiction, then you came to the right place.

This article covers some of the best ways you can shake off your opioid dependence.

Accept you need help.

Addiction is never easy on anyone.

No matter how strong you think you are; it will get to a point where you cannot help yourself.

It is time you accept that things have spun out of control and you could use some help.

You do not have to make it public; your couple or a dear friend should be able to understand you.

Physical Activities can be used to treat addiction.

Get into exercise For anyone trying to get out of an addiction, exercising is one thing you need in your menu of daily activities.

From studies, physical exercise accelerates the pace at which harmful substances are flushed out of your body.

It does not have to be grinding all the day at the gym.

You can run, take a leisure walk or do whatever fits into your physical activity.

Exercising will also keep your mind occupied and free from the thoughts of getting high.

Find a hobby Sometimes being idle lets your mind wander and the only thing you would want is getting high.

Keeping your mind busy somehow has the potential to help with addiction.

What other things can you do to pass time? Is it playing the guitar, drawing or dancing? Whatever it is, find time to do it.

Keep yourself busy, and you will be surprised how effective this can be in overcoming addictions.

Cut loose bad company For those who got into the addiction out of influence from their friends, it is time you redefine your company.

It is unbearable to see your friends use and stick up to your lane of quitting.

It does not always work that way especially for someone who is addicted.

You have to make hard decisions, and one of them will be staying away from friends who will make you want to use.

They do not cease being your friends; it is only that you want some personal space to work on getting out of the muddle.

Get back to healthy eating Addiction, whatever kind, will take away your appetite.

With opioids, food will not be one of your favorite things.

You will want to get high and stay that way for as long as you can.

Going back to healthy eating is one great way to beat addiction at its own game.

Stock up healthy foods and be ready to cook.

Be strict with your meal time and make up for any opportunities you miss.

Your body will get all nutrients you need to stay in shape and be able to face anything that the addiction throws your way.

With a full stomach, you will have the mental power to reject any temptations to get high.

You will also have the energy to go for exercise and before you know it your bad days will be behind you.

Go for counseling Once you walk down the path of addiction, you are no longer the same.

You may have the illusion of control, but the drug is what drives you.

Talking to a professional may help you.

You have probably read stories of people who were deep into drug use, but they got out.

Counseling could be one of the ways to get you back to your feet.

You will be talking to someone who has dealt with many cases like yours.

You will get necessary guidance on how to stop using and once more be in full control of your life.

Counseling might not work for all cases, but it is worth your try.

Go for a detox For those who are deep into the addiction, you may need more than self-belief to get clean.

Going for an opioid detox can help you not only stop using but also clean up your body from past use.

You will be dealing with professionals who know how to get the dirt out and leave you as clean as new.

There is nothing complicated with detox; it is a matter of getting clean for a couple of days, and you have a clean slate.

The medical option This is the alternative you should go to if the rest of the options do not work.

It is the most recommended method for getting out of opioid addiction, but if it comes to the last resort, you may not have any other cards left.

Bupurenorphine has been known to put a stop to the opioid receptors in your brain without the risks of euphoria or sedation.

You should note that you are not making a switch from one kind of drug abuse to another; the prescription has to come from a competent physician.

Methadone is another form of medication you can go for.

It is a synthetic form of opioid except that it does not come with euphoria and sedation.

It effectively changes the effects of pain by mimicking opioids.

It helps addicts get back into shape thus be able to go for addiction therapy and deal with the underlying problem.

Methadone prescription is not one you can get just anywhere; it has to be approved and facilitated by a government program.

Wrap up Honestly, it is not going to be easy shaking off your opioid addiction.

Many people try only to find themselves using again.

You will need more than a mere desire to overcome your dependency.

One of the easiest approaches to go about it is declaring that since you do not gain a thing from it; you have no business using.

Once you have the inner push to get out of addiction, nothing is going to stop you.

Believe in yourself, and you will be surprised how willpower can move mountains.

How to Overcome Opioid Addiction