In 2017, it was estimated that the pharmaceutical market was at around USD 1.11 trillion, and it was estimated to hit over USD 1.43 trillion by 2020.

The global pharmaceutical market is shared mainly between North America, Western Europe, and the Asian Pacific.

Research efforts and developments have assisted major companies to take a lead despite lots of competitions from the patent expiry and generics.

Below are classifications and definitive lists of major pharmaceutical companies based on their revenues, annual revenue growth, and other performance criteria.

So the statistic below highlights pharmaceutical financial worthy and each company’s product diversity portfolio.

Johnson & Johnson

This is a US-based pharmaceutical company that is also a consumer good manufacturers. Its subsidiaries deal with manufacturing, research development, and selling of pharm meds. This firm offers medicine majorly in HIV/AIDS, arthritis, hepatitis c and also digestive conditions. In 2017 J&J was the top seller of drugs comprising Remicade, Stelara, and the Invega Sustena. J&J is not a new company, but it has consumers and appreciated for its quality in drugs and medicines. It is not just known in the US but it delivers drugs in so many nations across the globe. It works to serve both consumer and retailers.


This is a special pharmaceutical firm that is from the USA, their drugs are research-based. It deals with wellness, preventive and treatment for various diseases all around therapeutic areas. This company works through research discoveries, innovating in medicals. They have establishment in health business regions. This organization offers medicine in immunology ecology and cardiology as their main area of expertise and specialization.

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Commonly known as Roche is research centered healthcare from Switzerland that develops, produces and delivers innovative therapeutics, diagnostic instruments and investigations. It provides immunology, diabetes, ophthalmology, neuroscience, and infectious disease. This company signed a mergers agreement to possess oncology based Biopharmaceutical firm. This acquisition was achieved in the first quarter of 2018. This firm is among the top five having followers and trustee all over the world and their production serves a great number of people.


This company comes from the USA, it is a biopharmaceutical firm that develops and sells advanced medicines for curing gastroenterology, oncology, neurology, rheumatology and virology disorders and other extreme conditions that are metabolic-related. This company was the top seller of Imbruvica, Humira, and HCV. This company is also among the top ten best sellers and the largest in the whole world, its product quality is undeniable. Their online service is very efficient and easy to purchase directly from their website.


This company is founded and is from France it’s associated with research, developing, producing and marketing pharmaceutical solutions. This company is famous for producing non-prescribed medicines and drugs commonly referred to as over the counter (OTC), the classification having drugs majorly for the nervous system, oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular, vaccines and other internal medicines. It was able to acquire biopharmaceutical firms Ablynx and Bioverative. This very famous company that has been working for quite some time, it has been trusted by many individuals across the globe. It has both physical and online location which gives it the power to survive the competition.


This company is a super huge farm that is recognized globally and is founded in Basel, Switzerland. The company’s portfolio shows that is also a research-based that deals with innovative medicine, manufacturing and selling drugs especially in biological therapies and pharmaceutical in various diseases areas comprising oncology, eye care, genetics, immunology, neurology, and cardiology. The value of this firm is undeniable and is not limited to any specific solutions but deals with a broad solution and aims at achieving perfect human care. With their everyday research, they bring the hope of unlocking common challenges in the medical industry.


This is among the top pharmaceuticals that is founded in the UK, many consumers, especially in the UK, has unwavering trust in it. It sells medicine based on research development, manufacturing and also distributing prescribed medicine, vaccines and also has a big consumer care ability. GlaxoSmithKline is known to offer a solution in disease areas like dermatology, respiratory diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular, and gynecology. It has various top-selling drugs since is also not a newbie in the pharmaceutical drug market. It has consumer base mainly in the UK and other parts of the world.

Sinopharm Group

This company is from China, it has been playing a big role in the medical industry and hence listed one of the best at position 22 in fact according to Chinese value ranking and was able to acquire the pharmaceutical and health products seller and distributor Shanghai Pudong New Area Medicine and Herbs. It is known to operate and deal in wholesaling and retailing of pharmaceutical products. It is a known to be quality with their main specialization area as pharmaceutical distribution and also a retail pharmacy.

Merck & Co.

Merck is a well-known company that is founded in the USA and is commonly known as MSD in Canada and even outside the United States. This company has a big role in the medical industry as it deals majorly in animal health products and also human health .has more solutions in vaccines, prescribed medicines and biological therapies. Moreover, Merck offers solutions for fertility, oncology, neurodegenerative disorders, and endocrinology. The company is well known across the united states and appreciated by the animal keepers and farms for they have gone a mile in finding solution affecting animals, giving more research on animal disease and developing a solution for them. Their drugs are well accepted even from abroad, and their services are awesome.


Our definitive of top pharmaceutical companies that are major distributors in the world of medicine does not end there are many of them but described above are major ones. The fact that these companies are largest in terms of financial and market doesn’t mean the others that are not mentioned are of low-class manufacturing, no they still have a share in the pharmaceutical industry. The description of the above companies shoes that they are real-world breadwinners as most of them deal in drugs and medicines that are research-based, from vaccination that is preventive, curative medicines and carry out experiments to develop the new solution to disorder problems that distract smooth running of human and animal life.

The Definitive List of Major Pharmaceutical Companies